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American Custom Sneeze Guards is the leading Sneeze Guard manufacturer in the food service and hospitality industries. With over 120,000 installations and over 40 years of experience, we have never wavered in our commitment to bring out customers quality products in the exact style and functionality their stores require. 

Other Sneeze Guard manufacturers attempt to sell you a version of their ‘one-size-fits’all’ model, made of imported and unreliable parts.  We have never swayed away from our commitment to make every part of every assembly in our shop, to your requirements, every time.

American Custom Sneeze Guards

For 40 years, we have you covered.

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Quality Materials

What sets American Custom Sneeze Guards apart from all others, is that we fabricate all component assemblies and sub-assemblies in our shop, no imports. This affords us the ability to give you a superior fabricated product and allows us to offer you complete flexibility to make exactly what you require. 

Superior Systems

Integrity is what makes our systems better. We have never lost sight of the fact that for a Sneeze Guard to have and maintain integrity, all components and parts must be made to be integral to each other. Other systems are just series of ancillary parts that offer no support as a unit. Ours are 100% integral. What does that mean? Far superior-strength systems that will truly last forever. 

Custom Products, Competitive Pricing

Custom means, made to order, made better. In our world, it means we do not buy and assemble mismatched parts from various imported vendors. We make all of our parts in our shop, no imports. But do so in such a way, our pricing will meet or exceed any other Sneeze Guard available. The American Custom Advantage means better assemblies, better finishes, better pricing, every time, on time. 

Why Choose Us ?

American Custom Sneeze Guards has been a leader in the glass and metal industry for over 40 years. It is all of those years of experience that have molded us into one of the nation’s leading experts in our field. If you are looking for Custom Sneeze Guards, Hand or Queue Rails, Glass Partitions or Booth Dividers, we would love to work with you! We are a small team of hardworking individuals excited to take your call. We are available to guide you through the process, as well as make suggestions to help you to design the space you have always dreamed of.


Sneeze Guards

& Display Cases

Our full-service metal shop works with a variety of metals and can offer an array of finishes to meet your needs.

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Hand &

Queue Rails

We offer custom rails in the metal and finish of your choosing for a wide variety of locations and uses.

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Booth Partitions &

Area Dividers

We custom design stylish partitions.  We also offer custom etched branding for your company logo or design.

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What People are Saying

“I want to THANK YOU for an outstanding, superb job you did under my ridiculous deadline. I am a huge fan now and will be showcasing your work and telling the true story, of how you worked and re-worked the artwork two times, produced an amazingly high-quality product and personally drove the product from Southern CA to Milpitas – all within one week. That is absolutely amazing!!!!  You are the BEST!!! Thank you!!!!

Black Bear Diner, Milpitas CA

“Five – Stars!”

“We got the posts (while ago!) and they are seriously beautiful!!!

Thank you so much. 

Kyoko Westberg

Fox & Kit

“Amazingly high-quality product!”

“I appreciate your time and the attention to detail. “

San Diego Restaurant Supply, CA

“Sorry for the late response, but it was a fast push for opening. We are very pleased with how everything came out and it was a great pleasure working with you and your company. I will definitely be recommending you for any future projects.”

Michael V.

Big Springs CC

“Looks great and we are very pleased!”

“The sneeze guard for the special bar is installed. It looks great and we are very pleased! We would really like to get specs and a quote for another one now… I look forward to working with you again.. “

Blaze Pizza

Here are a few great clients we have worked with over the years....


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Visit our request a quote page to let us know if you have any questions or to tell us about your project so we can help you plan it out.

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