To answer the question first and give the analysis second would be a definitive and resounding no. Though with a quick glance there can be a tremendous amount of apparent similarities throughout quality sneeze guards  made by different suppliers.

The American Custom Advantage

The key to making the highest quality sneeze guards is for the fabricator to maintain an unfailing focus to design and fabrication. Your supplier must always make your requirements the primary focus in creating a sneeze guard that functions to your needs. A supplier must take your products, your aesthetic, your serving requirements and most importantly your brand identity into account to fabricate a product that will work for you and enhance your products as well as the customer experience. My intent is to detail how we integrate these policies into what we very proudly like to call the American Custom Advantage, and I will do so over the next few weeks and months.

Throughout this blog, I will put my 40 years and over 120,000 restaurant installations of experience around the world to offer advice that I hope helps you makes decisions in the acquisition of a sneeze guard.

Quality Details in Quality Sneeze Guards

There are fine products out there, but I could not feel more strongly that the decision we made many years ago to stay the course and maintain all designs, fabrication and manufacturing of all pieces, parts and assemblies in our shop by our engineers and craftsmen, was the only correct decision that could be made. We did not, nor will we ever, submit to the global pressures that would ever have our parts and assemblies mass-produced outside of our direct control. What defines the American Custom Advantage will be detailed in the blogs to come. I am going to dissect the seemingly simple concept of a sneeze guard and explain why staying focused on every detail, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can make a tremendous difference in the quality of work you receive. Though sneeze guards from different sources may look very similar, the attention to detail, such as our fully-integrated welded systems, can make significant and lasting differences. The American Custom Advantage will give you a product that you have to buy once and never think of again.

Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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