We at American Custom and our lineage of companies have been making products for the food service industry for over 40 years. In the last 25 years our focus has been on the Sneeze Guard, aka Breath Guards for any and all food service, restaurants hotels, stadiums, super markets etc. We have over 120,000 locations done globally with nearly countless millions of pieces of glass and custom steel, stainless, brass and aluminum posts and metal frames. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 affecting everyone on Earth has given everyone pause to think about safety, not just in food and food distribution, but in the interactions of people in all areas of life.

In the last week the calls and emails that have been coming in reflect the desire and need to great protections in our day to day human interactions. It is fear that has sparked this, but also common sense is being used in looking at ways to protect workers and the public.

We are being tasked with providing “Breath Barriers” for municipalities, retails locations among many areas. These requests are to put a barrier between the public and the person offering the service. What is the difference between a ‘’Sneeze Guard’’ and a “Breath Barrier“? Nothing. It serves exact the same purpose. They both are to put a guard or barrier between the possible bacterial and viral germs that a person can expel in breathing, coughing, or sneezing. Either protecting the food or each other, they serve the same purpose.

American Custom Sneeze Guards and our lineage of companies have been providing these products for 41 years. We are uniquely suited to ramp up our production capabilities to meet any need or challenge as we have 120,000 times in the past. I will demonstrate our past production history in a future post.

I, John K Taylor, founder and Managing Member of the American Custom team will make this pledge to our current and future customers:

All pricing structures will remain the same as they have been. No price increase, no matter how much volume we get. The only thing that will affect our costs are material costs, if they go up our prices will reflect the exact increase. If our material prices go down our prices will reflect the exact decrease in our costs. Nothing changes.

We will continue to provide the highest quality, consumer friendly, and products that insure the safest possible protections. I will write further about what makes a safe guard or barrier or one that gives a false sense of safety. I say that and will elaborate because over the years many fabricators moved to making guard and barriers that look similar, but import parts that actually create pockets and seams for bacteria and germs to collect, grow and proliferate and virtually cannot be cleaned, ever. This is something I have been a vocal opponent of for years and will explain all of that in my subsequent posts.

I have loved and been involved in manufacturing all my life and I enjoy receiving orders and keeping a thriving business. My food safety thoughts are not sour grapes or a trick to get more business. Anyone can make the guards and barriers in a safer fashion like we do and we would all be better for it. Some chose not to, and COVID-19 requires all of us to revisit what it truly safe and what appears to be safe but is only giving a false sense of security.

Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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