Life of viruses on surfaces


  • Plastics 72 Hours
  • Metals and Glass 9 Hours

Influenzas & H1N1

  • Plastics 48 hours
  • Glass 9 Hours


Advantages of Glass


While acrylic has a small upfront cost, in the long run, it could cost just as much or more than glass because of the need to be replaced more frequently.


Acrylic can only be cleaned with warm water and soap. If any other cleaner is used, you will crack the acrylic and it must be replaced. Glass can be cleaned with any number of disinfectant cleansers without damaging the surface.


Acrylic scratches very easily. Even if you accidentally clean it with paper towels, that can permanently damage acrylic. Glass on the other hand, is relatively scratch resistant..

Germ Free

Acrylic is porous whereas glass is anti-microbial. A lot of healthcare providers and hospitals choose glass over anything simply for this reason. It can be sterilized very easily and because of its tempered design, holds up in very demanding spaces.


When to Use Acrylic

  • If your cleaning crews know how to maintain the panels
  • If you’re okay with some visual abnormalities
  • If you’re often replacing the panels due to remodels or update meaning constant replacement is to be expected and required


When to Use Glass

  • High traffic areas
  • Scratch resistant
  • When you need UV protection on the cheap
  • When you can’t worry about maintenance
  • When a clean environment is a must
  • When longevity is necessary
Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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