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The only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of glass and metals under one roof. Our process makes us one of the top Sneeze Guard Manufacturers for the food service industry.

Located in sunny Oxnard, CA in the midst of the beautiful Oxnard plain, American Custom is uniquely suited to grow with your chain’s needs. Having worked with customers ranging from single operators to national chain accounts, we treat everyone like they are important. What sets American Custom apart is that we are the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of glass and metals under one roof for the food service industry. This is precisely why we are one of the leading Sneeze Guard Manufacturers in the industry. By manufacturing everything in house we can guarantee that we maintain the highest quality standards.

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American Custom Sneeze Guards

American Custom brings to the restaurant industry, 40 years of experience manufacturing quality products. As one of the industries top Sneeze Guard Manufacturers, we will move mountains to ensure that all of our products are delivered and installed on time. We have worked with restaurants and hotels around the country and around the world. Even our name, American Custom Sneezeguards, is derived from a time when American-Made, really stood for something. With great pride and spirit, all our products are 100% American-Made. Manufactured to the standards that made American products the envy of the world. The principles of American Custom Sneezeguards come from a long line of American entrepreneurs going back over a century. With a dedication to quality and customer staisfaction, we strive to offer every customer only the highest quality standards with every installation.

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Some of our Past Custom Projects

These are special projects we have worked on over the years.

Here are a few great clients we have worked with over the years....


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