Blaze Pizza

The Food Barriers for Blaze Pizza are Custom Pick-Up Counters.

The stainless steel frame provides a contemporary, clean look, and our custom flanges give it the extra support it needs to last a long time, without losing its reliability. Our custom flanges and seamless steel frame are innovations that we have developed over the past 40 years for our food barriers. Our experience has given us a great deal of insight into how the best Sneeze Guards are built.

Boss Pizza needed custom Food barriers for their restaurant.

This Full-Serve, Vertical Guard features 37” round, brushed Stainless Steel posts with angle-back glass. This type of customized serving counter is a wonderful feature that adds that authentic pizza parlor feel. This is a classic request from Pizza Parlors in particular. The Food Barriers allows the transparency of the pizza preparation, with a Pick-Up Counter at the end to hand food to customers with easier access. This type of fun display case can add an exciting feature to your restaurant.

Boss Pizza

Carl’s Jr

Certified Oil’s Self-Serve Station wanted to replace their plexi-glass Food barriers.

Food Barriers that had an adjustable post system. Maintaining the sleek design and curvature of the original horizontal posts, the final product came out top of the line. This Custom Display Case was a breeze to manufacture.  It features round, stainless steel posts, our secure Truss Head Tab System and ½” glass. As you can see, it fits in perfectly snug over the new Hot Rollers and condiment trays.

Certified Oil

Chronic Taco

This Custom Food Guard features three sections of Food barriers.

These barriers were designed to fit over the different areas of the buffet line, Copacabana BBQ required. This design allows for access from behind for employees to refill the buffet, as well as, the opening from the Customer Perspective for the most efficient Self-Serve Guard. Etched in the glass at the end of the counter, is the restaurant logo, to fulfill design needs and bring an extra tie into the branding of their restaurant.

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Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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