Copacabana BBQ

This Custom Food Guard features three sections to fit over the different areas of the Buffet Line. A feature Copacabana BBQ required for their restaurant. The design allows for access from behind for employees to refill Buffet. This feature also serves as the opening from the Customer View for the most efficient Self-Serve. The beautiful custom Etched glass design at the end of the counter, showcases the restaurants logo. Honestly this custom design helped to fulfill design needs and bring an extra tie into the branding of their restaurant.


Del Taco

As you can see from the images, this All Glass Sneeze Guard fits as perfect as you can get. Our Truss Head Tab System securely holds the structural glass in place. If you look closely at our Truss Head Screws, you will see the plastic nylon washer, and between the screw and the interior hole of the Tempered Glass Sneeze Guard, we place a plastic tube to be sure no damage can come to your Guard, even after we have installed it in your restaurant. 

Desert Moon

Drury Inn

Drury Inn features three chafing dishes, to best feature these, the design of this Custom Sneeze Guard includes three sections, to cover each dish. This Island Buffet Food Shield is open on both sides, to allow free flow of customers on either side of the island for maximum serving efficiency. Using square tubing really adds a statement and makes this Custom Breath Cover strong and simple.

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Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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