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Tell us about your project and we will contact you to let you know how we can help!  We will work with you to determine the specifications for your custom metal project. We make Sneeze Guards for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality needs. Here are some questions that will help us prepare for your phone consultation…

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Add-Ons (no tray slides) Note: We don't offer refrigeration, though. We offer "Ambient air display cases"

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We offer 1/4″ (.250), 3/8″ (.375), 1/2″ (.500) clear tempered glass thickness. We offer tinted glasses, and architectural glasses that can be safety tempered upon request. The thickness of the glass is determined by the aesthetic of your sneeze guard or partition as well as functionality. We will work with you to determine the best thickness for your custom piece.

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Glass Connector Sneeze Guard

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