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Full-Service Flexibility

American Custom Sneeze Guards is truly unique in that we fabricate all component assemblies and sub-assemblies in our shop, no imports. We operate as a full-service glass and metal fabrication shop. This affords us the ability to give you a superior constructed product and affords us the flexibility to make exactly what you require. Each and every project is manufactured down to the most exacting details for your custom sneeze guard requirements. American Custom Sneeze Guards specializes in manufacturing Sneeze guards for restaurants, we have been doing it for over forty years.

We offer several customized features not often found in other shops and we work in all glasses and metals. American Custom provides both self-serve and full-serve profiles. We also have pass over or display shelves, sign mounts and more. We have whatever you need to meet your brand identity service needs.


Most vendors attempt to sell you a version of their ‘one-size fits all’ product.  At American Custom, our intention is to work with you to create a custom, thoughtful design. A design that flows with your brand identity.


Despite the fact, that each of our solutions is custom-designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. As a result our price remains competitive and often below most of our competitors.

Custom Sneeze Guards for Restaurants

Sneeze Guards for most restaurants are a must in most cases. If you serve food, you know that foods displayed in your buffet line or food serving station must remain uncontaminated. This is accomplished by offering the protection of a high quality sneeze guard. Sneeze guards for restaurants are not only required, but are absolutely necessary. They are essential in preventing customers’ germs and airborne pathogens from tainting the food.

Light and Heat

Nothing provides more ambiance than lighting. The way a room is lit sets the mood for the entire room. The proper lighting provides your customers with a sense of comfort and balance. Appropriate Illumination of your food products enhances the presentation and appeal to the customer. We will not only assist you in providing your customers with the proper lighting, but our experienced staff can help assist you in choosing the best lighting for your space.

Heating is a second crucial element in any restaurant or fine dining establishment. Food has to be kept at optimal temperatures for periods of time and the proper heating is crucial to preserving the foods temperature until it gets placed before a grateful customer. Our staff will assist you in the process of ordering your Heating equipment and helping you to choose what heating elements best serve your needs and the needs of your customers.


Display Cases

We work with you to determine the best specifications to display your product(s). Our custom Display cases are built to your specifications. Display cases are an essential design element while also being beautiful and functional they provide a barrier between your customers and the consumables that your employees are preparing.

Display cases are not just functional they also provide a chance to make a statement. You can add some branding to them or just give them some flair with a custom design element. Let one of our helpful staff help you to figure out not only what custom display case you need, but also how you can make them more appealing to your customers. Never miss an opportunity to make a statement.

Custom Partitions

Our intention is to provide quality work to make your product and services flow effortlessly. We work to offer custom specifications in the production of our dividers and partitions, so that your finished partition is subtle and serves its purpose. Partitions can be helpful to divide dining and service spaces, offer privacy amongst clients and so much more.

Our custom partitions are an elegant addition to any establishment providing your clients with a level of intimacy while also providing a barrier against germs.
We can customize your partitions with your branding or a design that you would like throughout your establishment. Partitions are used not only to provide an elegant design element; they also provide a barrier against germs and airborne pathogens.

Custom Hand Rails &

Queue Rails

Our time in the restaurant industry has given us an understanding of how important the movement in a lobby or cash register can impact the experience of your clientele. Hand and Queue rails work to guide new clients and cut out any confusion, creating an effortless, trouble-free visit to your location. As a full glass and metal shop, there are many customizations we offer to truly make them a part of your interior. Custom Handrails can not only serve to guide your customers through their dining experience but they can also make a bold design statement. Take a look at some of our custom work to see what is possible.




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